Art Requirements

Vector Artwork - Illustrator

  • Create outlines on all type
  • Expand all strokes
  • Use spot colors whenever possible
  • Using multiple layers is prefered
  • Include or embed all placed images

Raster Artwork - Photoshop

  • Create art 100% print size at 300ppi
  • Rasterize all type
  • Using multiple layers is prefered
  • Create a separate layer for each spot color
  • Background color should be on a separate layer


  • Ink and shirt color should be specified
  • Include a mock-up of the final print
  • Choose colors from the Pantone Coated formula guide
  • Specialty inks and 4-color process printing colors may vary on press
  • Please contact us to schedule a press proof of final colors when necessary


  • OTF, TTF
  • Always send files with all type outlined (ai) or rasterized (psd)
  • Or, if further editing is required, send font file (otf, ttf)

Other File Types

  • JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • Lower resolution web files can be used in some cases but will most likely need to be recreated

Large Files

  • When sending links to file downloads, please be sure the link does not require a login or password
  • We recommend using It is a free and easy transfer service of up to 2GB

Art Fees

  • Please contact a sales representative for an estimate
  • Art is billed at an hourly rate